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Northwood Restaurant Home Cooked Food

When you come to the NorthwOur fearless leader Chris ood Restaurant you are met by friendly people and great food. Chrissy Schilling and her chefs at the Northwood Restaurant are known for their mouth watering home-cooked food done with an upscale twist. We bring you seasonal favorites from across the United States and serve them to you in a relaxed lodge atmosphere by the Russian River.

We serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner in our indoor lodge dining room or out on our beautiful terrace weather permitting. Whether you want a quick breakfast before a round of golf or dinner after a long week, the Northwood Restaurant is the place to relax and eat great food.


Northwood Restaurant Chefs

Chrissy Schilling’s food is Sonoma County legend, first with Sequoia Burgers, then the Parkside Cafe, and then with the Piner Cafe one of the most visited and talked about diners in Sonoma County. Last year she opened the Northwood Restaurant to bring her food to the Russian River valley and tempt appetites  from San Francisco northward with her mouth watering food. People come from all over California to taste Chrissy’s home cooked food, it is truly finger licking good.

Chrissy also has two chefs that cook at the Northwood Restaurant, Alvin who has been a chef at the Bohemian Grove for over 15 years and is known for his wonderful cuisine that has been eaten by Bohemian members from across the United States for years is now a regular chef at the Northwood Restaurant. Tomas started with Chrissy 18 years ago and they are cooking together again at the Northwood Restaurant. Tomas brings some wonderful regional specialties to our menu at the Northwood Restaurant and also our catering menu.


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